Brookland’s ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Steptoe To Seek Ward 5 Councilmember Seat

Commissioner Steptoe spaking at the February 2013 ANC 5B Meeting.
Commissioner Steptoe speaking at the February 2013 ANC 5B Meeting.

On November 4th, 2014 DC will have its general election, and the seat for Ward 5 Councilmember will be on the ballot.We learned in late October that current Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie is seeking re-election, which shouldn’t be a surprise given his popularity. The race, however, just got more interesting this week when Brookland’s own ANC 5B 04 Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe decided to throw her hat in the ring. (For brevity, I am assuming that Brookland Bridge readers do not need a back story on Commissioner Steptoe, as we have written a number of posts about her tenure as ANC.) Here is an email she sent to constituents earlier this week:

Hello Ward 5 – After much deliberation and prayer, I picked up nominating petitions seeking the democratic ballot for the Ward 5 D.C. City Council seat.  If you are a Democrat and interested in signing my nominating petitions to help me qualify for the Ward 5 City Council ballot in the April 2014 primary, please let me know. 

 Also, if you are interested in helping me obtain petition signatures, please contact me.  The minimum signatures are 250; 20 per page with nominating petitions due January 2, 2014.  More campaign information to follow.
Meanwhile, I shall continue working hard in and for our ward while also obtaining signatures to earn your support and vote.  Pls. know I greatly appreciate any support.  Thank you kindly.
A few days later she followed up with another message:
Good afternoon Ward 5 –

 In response to so many generous offerings, I feel obliged to provide this disclaimer.  Please know that the Steptoe campaign seeks only volunteer worker efforts and Ward 5 citizen votes.  No financial donations please.

 DISCLAIMER: While financial donations are helpful to any campaign, we do not relish the idea of perceived or expected favors to donors.  Given what we believe are our strengths and accomplishments, the Steptoe campaign opts not to accept individual or business monetary donations.  Instead, we prefer to work hard as we personally grind the pavement to earn your vote and your support.  We believe this approach allows us not only to retain the ethereal integrity of elected leadership (similar to the days of old) but, more importantly,  remain beholding only to the electorate Ward 5 citizen masses, our Ward 5 citizen issues and our Ward 5 concerns.  Of course this approach is more work but, it’s worth it.

 Meanwhile, thank you again for your support.  Our formal website w/more detailed candidate information is forthcoming. 

See you on the streets and in the neighborhoods of Ward 5!   Send/leave us a message if you wish to sign the petition and volunteer!
We will keep you apprised of any developments – this should be an interesting one to watch!

6 thoughts on “Brookland’s ANC 5B-04 Commissioner Steptoe To Seek Ward 5 Councilmember Seat”

    1. Hi there. I would guess that it is unlikely that she will vacate her seat. At this point she can campaign until the primary in April and based on those results, make a decision. If she loses the primary, she can just continue being ANC and start running for re-election of her ANC seat, which is on the ballot in November.

      Also, just to point out, I have no idea what is motivating her not to take donations, but in a practical sense, it means she is saved the administrative and transperancy burden of financial reporting.

  1. Please keep us updated if/how we can help McDuffie win re-election (or of any other new candidates we should look into). Given her record on working with this community while on the ANC, it concerns me that she is running for Ward 5 Councilmember.

    1. Hi Cara,

      Councilmember McDuffie has a campaign website where you can sign up to volunteer.

      I plan on doing a round up of the candidates and hopefully each one will answer the same set of questions for us, once the field of candidiates has been set.

      Thanks for reading and commenting,

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