Brookland’s Disagreements Over Development Discussed In Washington Post Article

Construction workers turning a shell of a building Into the Brookland's Finest  restaurant.
Construction workers turning a shell of a building Into the Brookland’s Finest restaurant.

Yesterday the Washington Post ran a story by columnist Clinton Yates that explored some of our recent neighborhood disagreements over development, and in particular, Brookland’s Finest restaurant. Here is one of the passages:

“…the fight over Brookland’s Finest is more than just the story of one potential owner and his partners hoping to open a sit down establishment in an historically quiet neighborhood. It’s the story of a community that is battling itself, where differences between residents have re-surfaced…The ensuing battle has divided the community along lines that are difficult to define, but easy to see. Some residents have chalked up the tension to the typical D.C. battle: newer white residents versus old black ones. But others say the recent fights in the community are much more complicated.”

I appreciate that Mr. Yates sought to take a nuanced approach to the article and to understanding our neighborhood. In deed, it is difficult to make generalizations about the people who support or fight new businesses and developments. I know seniors that have lived here for over 30 years that are eager for development, and young professionals that can be wary of it. Not to mention that proximity to ones home, size and nature of development, and other factors affect why people support or fight particular developments. I don’t think most Brookanders will learn much from the article, and that is not criticism, as it seems like the target audience is the wider DC area. I do think it is a shame that we can’t come together as a community more and have dialogue to resolve our differences rather than resorting to lawsuits, and government bodies to decide these things for us. I love Brookland and my neighbors, and regret that our neighborhood is getting a reputation for discord rather than all the great things it has to offer. 

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  1. I read this same article by Mr. Yates and thought that it was very good reporting. I didn’t read that Brookland is full of discord, but that this is an example of growing pains in a changing city. I’ve been in Brookland for 26 years. I have seen many waves of new vs. old. Outsiders versus insiders. Town v. Gown. Liquor license renewal battles on 12th St.

    This isn’t new. It’s like the Lion King Circle of Life. And, IMO, Yates’ piece was a good (and favorable) view of folks working stuff out.

    ps Thanks for all your great coverage of the ‘hood.

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