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Brookand Green
Brookand Green

WMATA recently released a solicitation asking developers to submit bids to develop the area east of the Brookland/CUA Metro stop. One of the parcels they want developed is the “Brookland Green” – the green space just east of the ‘kiss and ride’ at the Metro stop, covered with mature trees.We think it would be a huge loss if Brookland were to lose this beautiful and valuable green oasis. We also find it baffling that the solicitation specifically excludes the unattractive 2.4 acre “bus loop” for development. To be clear – we are not against the development at the Metro.  However, we need to send a message – Brookland deserves thoughtful, coordinated development that preserves our green space. If you agree with us, please consider signing the petition below, it was developed in conjunction with the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) Brookland Green Committe and other civic leaders. We also included an aerial view of the parcels we feel should be developed below. Going forward, we will keep you up to date on happenings and meetings on this topic.


We, the undersigned residents of Greater Brookland (comprising ZIP codes 20017, 20064, and 20018), urge the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) to amend their November 2013 Joint Development Solicitation for the Brookland-CUA Metro Station. This solicitation invites proposal respondents to build over the “Brookland Green” between Newton and Otis Streets, NE west of 10th St NE. 
Instead of removing  over 20 mature and healthy trees, which took decades to grow to their current size and have a century of life ahead of them, we seek a mutually beneficial project that preserves the Brookland Green while allowing development on the remainder of the parcels.
– We believe the preservation of the Brookland Green would enhance and provide a valuable focal point for the development. Open green spaces build social capital and community. Studies have shown them to decrease crime and disorder. The Brookland Green would be an asset and amenity attracting residents and patrons to the development while providing a visually pleasing buffer between the development and current residential low density housing in the nearby neighborhood.
– We believe a reasonable compromise can be achieved through creative development approaches of other parcels of nearby land, namely the current “bus loop”  and “kiss-and-ride” zones. We are not suggesting bus stops or the kiss and ride be eliminated, simply that they be creatively included in new development on those parcels;
– We believe that viable development can coincide with preservation of green spaces. Development of the Metro station must be approached within the context of the greater neighborhood. Brookland has very few publicly accessible parks and is experiencing population growth through several active development projects. Without coordination, the neighborhood could be left with unacceptably low levels of open green space. We have seen the detrimental effects of uncoordinated development in the nearby NoMA neighborhood, where now roughly 20,000 residents share less than five acres of open space, causing an expense of $50 million dollars to retro-fit green space amongst developments.
Destroying the Green or replacing the old growth trees with small young trees is not acceptable and goes against city policy of preserving our trees for their many aesthetic and environmental benefits.
We can do better. Now is the time to act, before development plans are so far along that altering them becomes cost-prohibitive. We again call on WMATA to act immediately to amend its solicitation so as to provide ample time for developers to make proposals that preserve the Brookland Green.

Save The Brookland Green! Petition For Smart Development At The Brookland Metro


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Brookland Metro Parcels we suggest should be developed are oulined in yellow.
Brookland Metro Parcels we suggest should be developed are outlined in yellow.

8 thoughts on “Save The Brookland Green And Support Smart Development – Sign This Petition!”

  1. I have often thought that many people would utilize this space as a park if there was some lighting and a few benches. Simple as that.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I agree. Further, I have heard folks say that lack of use of the green as a park is a reason why it should be eliminated. While I disagree, something to consider is that many Brooklanders currently live in houses with yards. But in a few years we will have potentially thosands of new residents who won’t have the benefit of a yard or nearby park (Monroe Street Market and the 901 Monroe Development residents). Presumably the development at the Metro itself will also be condo/apartment centric. Speaking of the residents and retailers of the future Metro development – would you rather live/work next to an ugly bus turn-around or a lovely grove of mature trees?

      Thanks for reading, commenting and supporting,

  2. Well said Shani and Sarah. The Chancellor’s Row developers made a lovely park out of the triangle on 4th Street. They added benches and lighting and what was once a forlorn strip of land is now a nice green space where I’ve seen people reading and enjoying the outdoors. I don’t see why the same can’t be done for the Brookland Green. Yes, I understand that prime property near metro is expensive, but the new Abdo development is lacking green space for the many new residents that will be added to the neighborhood. Making the Brookland Green an official park would be a great neighborhood amenity.

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