Casey Trees Keeps You Up To Date With DPW Leaf Collection

Now that the beauty of fall leaves are showing themselves on our lawns and streets, it’s time to think about picking them up. Through their blog  the good folks at Casey Trees are keeping the city up to date on DC’s Department of Public Works (DPW) redesigned “Leaf Collection Program” brochure. From the Casey Trees Blog:

The fall collection season for D.C. will begin November 4th and continue on through January 11th, with DPW’s crews using vacuum trucks to collect the leaves piled in treeboxes and along curbs, as well as collecting any bagged leaves left next to trash and recycling cans (even in those neighborhoods with alley trash and recycling collection). To organize this, they’ve has taken each of the city’s eight wards and broken them into two or three sections, color coding each and then providing the dates that they’ll be picking up leaves by (as well as the date residents should rake their leaves to the curb/ bag them by). 

Here is the DPW Ward 5 leaf collection schedule. For the other Wards, check out the DPW brochure.


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