The BNCA Adds “Brookland Green” Debate to Saturday’s Meeting Agenda

Brookland Green Fall 2012
Brookland Green Fall 2012

Due to the recent announcement by WMATA (posted yesterday) to solicit bids to develop the area east of the Brookland metro stop, the BNCA added the discussion about the “Brookland Green” to the agenda for this month’s meeting on Saturday. The “Brookland Green” covers roughly a little bit more than 30% of the grounds that WMATA would like to develop on. It is the green space just east of the kiss and ride are at the metro stop, covered with mature trees. It would be a shame, if Brookland would loose this beautiful and valuable green oasis. The BNCA has established a “Brookland Green Committee” which I am sure would welcome anybody who would like to join. The meeting will be held at the Howard Divinity School, 1400 Shepherd Street NE in the Faculty Dining Room (Basement level, room 78).

Here is the information for the BNCA Meeting on Saturday November 9th:

Nov. BNCA Meeting

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