9th & Kearney Street Development Meeting Thursday Evening

Joe “Jose” Barrios informed us about a public meeting covering the development that is planned on the west side of 9th Street NE between Kearney and Lawrence. The meeting is going to be hosted by Elliott Totah, the President of developer the Oxbridge Group.

What is interesting to me looking at their website and list of projects, is that this particular parcel of land along 9th Street is by far the smallest of the current developments the Oxbridge Group is involved in. And this parcel in Brookland is just a portion of the vacant peace of land along the metro tracks. Is this just the first phase of a larger development plan? This and other questions can be raised at the meeting tomorrow.

For those who are interested, join the discussion Thursday evening at the Brooks Mansion. Here is the official flyer with detailed information:

Oxbridge Group Meeting

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