Another Push For A Ward 5 Worker’s Center And Workforce Development – Meeting Tuesday

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Issues surrounding the conditions of day laborers at the nearby Brentwood Home Depot are not new. There was a push to create a Multicultural Center that would support the workers and provide temporary trailers on property nearby the store a number of years ago, and funding was set aside, but that effort stalled. Now, members of the community are trying to regroup and address the issue again. If interested, check out this upcoming meeting:

For these past few months we have been working to build a coalition to bring a Workers Center to the community in Ward 5. This Workers center aims to address the immediate concerns of the day laborers at the Home Depot on Rhode Island Ave, as well as bring workforce development and quality jobs to the neighborhood.  We would like to invite the community to our next meeting: Tuesday, October 29th at 6 PM the Israel Baptist Church located at 1251 Saratoga Ave, NE, Washington DC.  Come find out more about how the Workers Center will better the current situation facing the DC day laborers as well as improve our community as a whole!  By joining forces we can create lasting and positive change for all in Ward 5.

Our coalition will lead the effort to:
·         Meet with the Ward 5 leadership and Councilmember McDuffie

·         Conduct outreach to community residents

·         Negotiate with Home Depot

·         Engage other stakeholders in this project

·         Secure non-profit funding for the project

Please come to the meeting on October 29th. We need your input and your support to accomplish this. Bring your friends and others that can join this effort. Feel free to call us if you have any questions!
Arturo                                                                         Maxwell
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