Brookland’s Finest Liquor License Approved – Eyeing December Opening

Brookland Finest ABRA Hearing 8/14/2013. Photo courtesy of Frank Rettig.
Brookland Finest ABRA Hearing 8/14/2013. Photo courtesy of Frank Rettig.

Many Brooklanders have been waiting on pins and needles to find out the fate of the Brookland’s Finest liquor license application. As many of you know, there was a protest against the licence that culminated with an ABRA hearing on August 14th. We were happy to learn from Tony Tomelden, a Managing Member for the restaurant and longtime Brookland resident, that yesterday their liquor license was approved without any additional restrictions. We asked him when he thought the restaurant would open and he said sometime in December. If you are interested in viewing the ABRA decision, it can be viewed here.

Joe Barrios, the neighbor that coordinated the Settlement Agreement with 149 nearby residents in favor of the restaurant had this to say:
The [ABRA] order demonstrates that the Settlement Agreement drafted cooperatively between the neighborhood and the establishment played a key role in the Board’s decision. This shows that we can do great things when we come together as a community to decide what kind of future we want for Brookland.

For our most recent update on Brookland’s Finest construction with photos, click here.

10 thoughts on “Brookland’s Finest Liquor License Approved – Eyeing December Opening”

  1. Fantastic news!!!! My favorite quote from the Order (addressing Steptoe, et al.’s argument that Brookland’s Finest would adversely impact property values):

    “Moreover, it is hard to imagine how the transformation of a vacant, boarded-up commercial establishment into a vibrant, well-run neighborhood restaurant would have a negative impact on property values.”

  2. Congratulations to the Brookland’s Finest team! BIG kudos to Jose Barrios for stepping up and filling a void left by scheming and biased public officials! Shame on Carolyn Steptoe for her mendacity and underhanded attempts to stop positive development in the community!

  3. This order serves as a message to the business community that Brookland IS business friendly and that its residents (despite the occasional idiocy of ANC Com’r Steptoe) support – and demand – businesses that serve as neighborhood amenities.

    Restauranteurs and retailers: WE WANT YOU! Come be a part of our neighborhood, and make a handsome profit in the process.

  4. Great news, and a well-earned outcome for Tony and John. Many thanks to Joe Barrios and all Brooklanders who signed the Settlement Agreement, and to Tom and Shani who have been instrumental in keeping all informed.

  5. By now many of you already know that Brookland’s Finest has been granted a liquor licence. I would like to thank everyone who stood up for the owners and the neighborhood. I would especially like to thank Joe Barrios for negotiating the neighbor agreement, Shani Hernandez for her reporting in the Brookland Bridge Blog, and Jon Hurwitz for starting the campaign, Reese and Larry for having my back at the ANC meetings and my wonderful wife Jenny for putting up with my “crusade”. Last but not least Tony, Solly, and Frank, and Scott for wanting to open a business in our neighborhood. We should celebrate, but let’s keep it civil and in context. The neighbors did have a right to protest, but they were led astray. Let’s not blame them and let’s all come together (hopefully) in December and raise a glass to neighbors, old an new. And, remember, this was not just a fight for Brookland’s Finest. It was a fight against irresponsible and leadership. Let’s ensure we keep our eyes open and pick up the fight if needed again. Once again, congrats to us one and all!

  6. I saw this evening that Carolyn Steptoe filed for reconsideration of the ABRA’s decision. I sincerely hope this does not delay the December opening that Brookland’s Finest and so many of our neighbors have worked so hard to make happen.

    1. Hi Jen,
      From discussions with an attorney familiar with ABRA rules, I gathered that a request for reconsideration would not have an impact/delay the restaurant’s plan and is highly unlikely to succeed.
      Thanks for reading and commenting,

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