20-Unit Condo Project Coming To 12th And Franklin Street NE

We read on urbanturf.com that the local DC company Lock 7 Development is planning to build a 16-20 unit condo project at the corner of 12th and Franklin Streets, NE. Dave Gorman, representing Lock 7,  shared a few details about the design of the condo building:

Image courtesy of Google Maps
Image courtesy of Google Maps

Each unit will be 1300 square feet and will span two levels, townhouse-style. The developers are hoping to offer private decks and roofdecks when possible. They are considering a retail element or live/work spaces (which explains their interest in demand for such properties).

The project is the latest in a boom of activity in Brookland, and will be located across the street for Menomale, a pizza place that is growing in popularity.

If this project, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014, will be similar to past Lock 7 developments, interested future buyers can look forward to high-end contemporary construction. We are wondering if this development in particular will  ignite some interest in revitalizing some of the empty retail spaces on 12th Street. Once more details about the construction start, renderings, pricing, etc. become available, we will post it right here.

6 thoughts on “20-Unit Condo Project Coming To 12th And Franklin Street NE”

  1. This is great news; the much-needed renaissance of Brookland’s commercial corridor continues!

    It’s wishful thinking, however, to suggest that 20 units will help the vacant retail storefronts on 12th Street. I’m a real estate development consultant with a national practice. It takes 3,500 people to support a 7-11…and 6,000 to 8,000 “rooftops” to support a grocery store. That’s why additional residential density at the scale of Monroe Street Market and 901 Monroe are so critical to enhancing market support for 12th Street.

  2. Those 20 condo units may have 50 friends visit each home in the 1st year. That’s a lot more traffic than a vacant car repair lot and an ugly abandoned church garner.

    Furthermore, this 20 condos x 50 guests supplements an already growing affluent population in the neighborhood and a growing demand for retail in the neighborhood.

    Most importantly, the condo development project represents the removal of a blighted eyesore that scares people away from the intersection. So yes, I firmly believe this development will help the retail situation at that intersection and on 12th Street in general. Removing the eyesore will pave the way for other condos and rehabbed homes, which will generate the rooftops that retail clients desire.

  3. Out of curiosity, has anyone heard news about the status of the abandoned gas station at the corner of 12th and Otis? I’ve passed a few times recently and seen contractor vans in the lot; not sure if anything’s up. Seems like a prime spot for a similar apartment building, though not sure how much time and cost goes into ripping out old gas storage tanks.

    1. Hi John,
      Rumor has it, that property sold to a developer. I don’t have any more details, though this is something we have been hoping to post about soon. Sorry I don’t have more information.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. As someone who has to stare at the blighted, vacant church every morning and evening on my way to and from work, I’m psyched. 20 units is a very reasonable size for the area, and will greatly add to positive foot traffic and property maintenance on that section of 12th street. That section has huge issue with trash on the sidewalks on and a lack of property owners taking responsibility for their vacant buildings. I’ve also taken a look at Lock 7’s developments, and they are all reasonably sized and fit with the character of the neighborhood. Woohoo!

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