Updated Post – “I’m Essential” / DC Statehood T-Shirts Now Available Online!

On Thursday we shared the information from Brookland’s DC Statehood activist Josh Burch about his design for a t-shirt that, in light of the looming government shutdown, would express that “All District citizens are essential, all District citizens have value, and all District citizens should be treated equally with our neighbors in the 50 states…”

T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.
T-shirt Image courtesy of Neighbors United for DC Statehood.

Unfortunately, he had a tight window with which to order the shirts. But, due to overwhelming demand, he is making the shirt available for purchase:

Here is the link to order Statehood shirts online: http://www.cafepress.com/neighborsunitedfordcstatehood

Here you find not only shirts and apparel, but also coffee mugs, stickers and other products.

If you feel like us that DC deserves equal rights and the same status as all other States in the US, show you support and spread the word about DC Statehood.

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