Real Estate Watch – Very Cool New Brookland Home Under Construction

I came across this house on Kearney near 15th today. It looks like it will be completed in the near future – I love it! Very sleek and modern looking. I just love the large windows, it looks likes to be  a very open and airy floor plan as you can see straight through to the backyard from the front porch. A sign on the property indicated that the architect is Studio Twenty Seven Architecture.We will definitely keep track of this one when it hits the market.

5 thoughts on “Real Estate Watch – Very Cool New Brookland Home Under Construction”

  1. Man, they’ve been working on that house for a long time. I never see any workers there, either. I am excited to see it, but wondering what the story is behind the slow process…

  2. Hi Nick, interesting…thanks for the info. Wasn’t that property a huge hole in the ground for a long time? I may be confusing it with another plot of Kearney so I didn’t include in the post.

    1. No, you’re right. Another interesting property is the one on 18th, just north of Monroe, where they changed an old dentist’s office into a house and apartment. As well, there’s the construction going on at Burroughs ES.

  3. I haven’t seen any work on this property in at least six months, and the construction site looks largely abandoned. My guess is a developer/owner that ran out of money mid-stream, leaving with an(other) eyesore that’s out of scale with the neighboring properties on the block. In the right location, this could be a very nice house.

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