Little Ricky’s ‘Fat Tuesday 5K’ Coming March 4th

Little Ricky's 5KBrookland restaurant Little Ricky’s is planning a fun event – a Fat Tuesday 5K! The 5K will take place Tuesday March 4th, costumes and Mardi Gras attire are encouraged. Afterwards 5k participants will enjoy drink specials and half price gumbo back at the restaurant. We caught up with Chase Moore, owner of Little Ricky’s and asked him about the inspiration for the event:

The 5k was born of the idea just to do something that brings the neighbors together. I took some time off in October down in Mississippi and one of the local bars in the beach town hosts a 5k every Thursday evening and at the finish everyone hangs out and drinks beer. I thought that would be a great community builder in Brookland. We’ve created an event on the Little Ricky’s Facebook page. The whole event is super casual. There is no real winner, it’s just people running or walking together and of course Mardi Gras themed dress is encouraged. Afterwards we’ll have some beer and gumbo specials at the restaurant, and of course king cake, since it will actually be Fat Tuesday.

For more information check out the 5K Facebook Event PageLittle Ricky’s, is located at 3522 12th St. NE.

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