Brookland Bridge Launches Its Community Calendar

Hi Readers,

A few weeks ago, Conor, one of our readers, suggested that we add a community calendar to the blog so that folks could keep up with neighborhood events. So, we are giving it a try. Check out our new community calendar on the right hand column of the blog. We just started loading it up with events, give us a little time and we’ll have it all set up. Hope you like this new feature!


Shani and Astrid

8 thoughts on “Brookland Bridge Launches Its Community Calendar”

    1. Hi Kyle!

      Of course we will always accept calendar submisions from great neighborhood organizations like FoRIA! At this time, the best way would be be to email us with the event details at info(at)brooklandbridge(dot)com.

      Not that this appllies to you, but, as with our content, we are going to limit events to things going in Brookland and the immediate surrounding area. Also, planning on limiting it to non-commercial events, but we will make exceptions for things like grand openings and special events hosted by businesses.

      We are still playing it with and deciding if this is the best celendar solution.

      Thanks for inquiring!

  1. Thanks so much for everything you do. I love keeping up to date about Brookland events through the blog and this calendar is a great addition!

  2. Shani and Astrid,

    Yeah! I think this will be awesome. I’m about to click through it. If it’s not yet on there, I hope you add the Monroe Street Market music events, art shows, and Dance Place events.

    Thanks for giving this a shot.

  3. What would be awesome (eventually, of course) is if you could create a Google calendar that people could incorporate into their personal calendars.

    1. Wow Max, Futurama! Ha ha, kidding. Astrid actually looked into a “Google Compatible” calender, but it was more complex than what we were looking for. We use WordPress to publish the blog, so it would have to be a plugin that works on that platform. I’ll check again, and if there are any WordPress gurus out there, let us know if something like that is available.

      Thanks for the suggestion,

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