DC Statehood Update – March On Washington And Other Activities

Here is an update on the DC Statehood Movement from our Brookland neighbor and passionate DC Statehood activist Josh Burch:
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I am very happy to inform you that on August 1st, Senator Chris Coons and Representative George Miller both signed on to the statehood bills. Our group met with both offices this year and we’ve stayed in regular contact with their staff since our meetings. While we can’t take full credit for getting them to sign on to the bill our work certainly played a role in their co-sponsorship. Our good work and that of others within the statehood movement is paying off and now is the time to ramp up our work and expand our numbers. Back in 1993 the statehood bill in the House had 83 cosponsors and the Senate bill had 18 and I do believe that we can exceed both of those numbers this Congress (HR 292 has 53 cosponsors & S 132 has 11) if we continue to bring new people into the movement and continue to educate and pressure offices on the Hill. Fittingly, based on a recommendation made by group members back in March our upcoming meeting is an action oriented meeting and we need you all to take part.
On Saturday, August 10th at 3pm, Neighbors United for DC Statehood will have our monthly meeting at a private residence in Brookland. This month’s meeting will be an action oriented meeting where participants will: 1) email key Senate offices about the statehood bill; 2) contact friends and family around the country asking them to contact their members of Congress; 3) circulate a petition in support of statehood; and 4) prepare signs for the statehood march during the March on Washington’s 50th Anniversary celebration later this month.
This meeting will have something for everyone to do and newcomers are encouraged to join us to share your own ideas, learn about the work we’ve been doing, and to take action to help further the statehood cause. If you have a laptop please bring it as it will help more of us do electronic outreach during the meeting. Our meetings usually last 2 hours and we will be working throughout. This is a great way to meet new people and help grow the grassroots movement for statehood.
For the exact location or further details please email us at unitedforstatehood (at)gmail(dot)com. For those planning on attending I’ll have a brief assignment for you to do prior to the meeting, if possible, so let me know about your availability to attend as soon as you can.
Hope to see you all on Saturday,
Josh Burch

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