Brookland Featured In The Washington Post Real Estate Section

Yesterday’s Real Estate section of the Washington Post featured none other than Brookland! Check it out the story here. I agree with the sentiment of those interviewed – Brookland is a great place to live and our strength is in our diversity and strong neighborhood ties. Here is a portion of the story, which sums a lot of it up:Brookland Sign 12th and Rhode Island Ave NE Washington DC

Brookland has rarely in recent years been seen as an up-and-coming neighborhood. That’s changing, though; the community is the site of several mixed-use developments under construction that promise to bring new stores, restaurants, art studios and residential units to the area’s quiet streets.

Not every Brookland resident is happy about the new developments, which sparked some serious community debate. “People are conscious about possibly losing the sense of neighborliness,” Doggett says.

It’s not an idle worry: The developments will bring increased density and hundreds of new residents. But in a community where neighbors have long complained about the relative scarcity of hangout spots, the offerings slated to open over the next couple of years are likely to provide new gathering places not only for Brookland residents but also potentially for folks from all over the city.

It’s great to see the neighborhood getting some good press!

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