The Brookland Bridge Blog Is 1 Year Old – Happy Birthday To Us!

Brookland Sign Monroe Street MarketHi Readers!

We recently hit a milestone – 1 year of blogging about our beloved neighborhood! It has been an interesting ride.  Here is an excerpt from our first post:

We want to be on the forefront of chronicling the changes occurring around us; but more importantly, as our name reflects, we also want to build bridges. Our goal is to provide a positive place to meet neighbors, learn about happenings in the community and provide a platform for discussion on the issues that affect us all. Expect info on development projects, businesses, architecture, human interest stories and photos from around the neighborhood.

Well, we have tried to live up to that goal and we have been really taken aback by the positive response to the blog. By now have over 500 Twitter and 240 Facebook followers! As we move forward, we will also try to stick to the following:

  • Our goal is to do one post a day. Sometimes life gets hectic and we just can’t; and we also know that sometimes we miss the boat on a story. But, we know that a steady stream of new content is important to you, so we will keep pushing on to keep the blog up to date. So far we posted over 500 stories, and we are really proud of that!
  • We will stay committed to having no advertisements. While we would never judge other blogs that do have ads, it seems like advertising is present in almost every aspect of our lives. We just think it is great to have a neighborhood space that is clutter free and ad free, and we want our readers to trust that we will always provide information for the community’s sake and not for any monetary reward.
  • We try to stay positive. We believe that the energy you receive has a lot to do with the energy you put out in the world, and we choose to be accountable for the vibe we put out. There are so many positive things happening in our neighborhood, from the growing arts scene to new playgrounds, why focus on the negative?

 We thought you might be interested in knowing the 5 posts with the most hits for our first year, here they are:

So what is in the future for the blog? We would like to get back to doing more Brookland history stories and more pictures from around the neighborhood. We are also hoping to add guest bloggers – it would be great to have a wider variety of perspectives and topics. We would also like to hear from you  – what kinds of stories do you enjoy and what topics would you enjoy more of?

Thanks to all for your support,

Shani and Astrid

6 thoughts on “The Brookland Bridge Blog Is 1 Year Old – Happy Birthday To Us!”

  1. I would have absolutely no problem with you putting advertising on your blog. It could either compensate you for the fantastic service that you provide, go toward seed money for a Brookland start-up business, a charitable cause, a neighborhood art project or community enhancement project, a Brookland PAC supporting a candidate for ANC5B that a blog survey shows preference for, etc. the possibilities are endless.

    On another note, I love the posts that profile business owners. This will be especially enjoyable as the studio artists and new businesses of Monroe street market and elsewhere open.

    Thanks for everything you do.

    1. Hi James,

      Thanks for your feedback and for reading! Your suggestions re: what to do with advertising revenue are great, I hadn’t looked at it that way before. As we expand in the coming years, I envision that we would like to be a sponsor for community events like the Garden Club’s House and Garden Tour and others, and that could help us do that.

      Glad to hear you like features on businesses. Maybe we could do a monthly “spotlight” on a Brookland business or something. I regret that we don’t write enough about existing, long standing Brookland businesses because we are busy keeping up with new developments and stores/restaurants. This could be a way to fix that.


  2. Happy Anniversary! Thank you Shani and Astrid for such a wonderful neighborhood blog.

    I love the blog and read it religiously (is it blasphemous to say that in Brookland? *s*). I agree with James re: advertising and would have no problem with it either. I think his suggestions for what to do with the revenue if you didn’t want to keep it are all excellent.

    One suggestion…we seem to have quite a few luminaries, semi-luminaries, and just plain old interesting folks (i.e. authors, artists, crafts-people, beekeepers, monks, politicians, Tuskegee airmen, multiple generation residents, etc.) that live in Brookland who have fascinating life stories, experiences, and memories of what Brookland was like “back in the day”. A periodic post/interview with some of these folks would be nice and would help us all to get to know our Brookland neighbors and its history better. To reduce the amount of time you’d have to spend interviewing someone perhaps you could identify 4-5 questions that an individual could answer in their own time and send back to you. Just my 5 cents (inflation strikes!).

    1. Hi Rick!

      Funny you should make that suggestion! We have been meaning to do just that – and call it “Meet Your Neighbor”. We got the idea because we have the most fascinating conversations with our neighbor who is 97 years old. He tells us fantastic accounts of how Brookland used to be. We also have a relative going into his sophmore year at CUA. We think it would be great to get that cross pollination of viewpoints, backgrounds, impressions and experiences! Time is hard to come by, but we’ll see if we can get this together. The thoughtful posts, and ones that require research (like the history ones we used to do) are the most time consuming, unfortunately so, since they are the most fun and unique. We think that maybe doing an initial push and getting 6 or 7 interviewees lined up will be more effective than having to find a new person every month or s0. If you have anyone in mind – please shoot me a line!


  3. Thank you Shani I absolutely enjoy the work that you do and as a newer member of the community it has been a fantastic portal into the Brookland community and an easy and enjoyable way to keep updated etc. Keep up the great work!

  4. Shani and Astrid,

    This blog is wonderful. You help to always keep a positive tone and provide so much detail to things going on right here in our neighborhood.

    I would love if you might take up a community calendar. Community meetings (ANC, SMD, BNCA, Garden Club, LGBT Happy Hour, Ward 5 Happy Hour, etc.). It would be really helpful to have one place that was putting together all the great things going on in our neighborhood.

    Also, while I’m not opposed to advertising, maybe a segment on the businesses in the neighborhood (not just the people, but the organization) that can highlight them. This would help them to get the word out on what they do, who they are, and how they want to help service the neighborhood.

    I know, though, that whatever you do, you’ll continue to do it with great charm.

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