A Song About Brookland! Are We “A Thousand Miles Away” From The “Rat Race”?

While listening to National Public Radio’s Morning Edition news program the other day we became aware of a new album called MetroSongs, Volume 4: Multi​-​Tracking. The recording artist, Jason Mendelson and the Open Doors set a goal of recording one song about each stop on the DC area Metro Rail System. That got us curious about what the Brookland/CUA Metro song would be like. So here you have it folks (skip (>>I) to song number 9 in the embedded player below for the Brookland song). I copied the lyrics below so you could follow along with the song. Pretty interesting. The song conveys what I think a lot of us associate with Brookland, peace and quiet, gardens, and the sense of being “a thousand miles away” from the “rat race”. There is also a strong nod to the religious institutions in and around the neighborhood, both in the lyrics and organ solo and what sounds kind of like monk chanting at the end of the song. What do you think?

Valerie carefully reflected
Pointing her lens
Framing the shot
With palm treesBut when a car backfired
She lost track of the butterfly
So much for the perfect outdoor dayShe needed peace
Not the rat race
Everyone can see it
But no one really understands
A thousand miles away from Brookland

Valerie thoughtfully inspected
Aspects of her entire life
She was so assured of

And in a quiet place
With nuns and monks
It was clear what she had to do
Gladly leave it all behind

She needed peace
Not the rat race
Everyone can see it but no one really understands
A thousand miles away at Brookland

In the garden it all came down to this
She had a fascinating vision there
Giving her life in service for
All the people who needed it the most

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