Brookland In Photos: CUA Artswalk Development Continued

A neighbor recently told me that the photos we posted that placed the rendering of the future Arts Walk development next to the construction in progress really helped him visualize how it will look. So, I decided to do the same thing with the other side of the development. Unfortunately, you would literally have to hover over the Metro tracks to get a photograph at the same vantage point as this rendering, but I tried to come close. What is pretty cool is that this end of the Arts Walk is super Metro accessible. Once you get to the top of the CUA side Metro escalator, you are there. One thing I didn’t notice about the rendering until today is that it depicts a transformation of the side of the bridge into a “green wall”. I wonder if that is still in the plans, and how they plan on achieving this. It would be great of it was something more creative than a cover like ivy.


Catholic University Development Brookland Washington DC

Since I was at it, I also thought it would be pretty cool to see a before and after of this end of the Arts Walk from the Michigan Street bridge as well. No going back now!

Abdo Catholic University Development Brookland Washington DC

5 thoughts on “Brookland In Photos: CUA Artswalk Development Continued”

  1. Where is the green wall in your photo renderings? I like that the CUA Metro entrance is more easily accessible from Monroe Street. I don’t like the words “Brookland” on the side of the building.

  2. Hi Les, if you take a look at the Abdo rendering, I circled the green wall in bright yellow with the words “Really?” above it. I think it will be a nice feature of the development.

  3. Hi JD, that would be great, I love pederestrian-only zones. I will see what I can do. I am already ineterested in the “green wall” and was thinking about pecking around about that.

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