Brookland Middle School And Turkey Thicket Playground Construction Updates

Like many Brooklanders, we have been following developments regarding the new Brookland Middle School and the Turkey Thicket Playground pretty closely. After the announcement of the school’s footprint in late April, there hasn’t been much news till now. We attended a meeting hosted by the DC Department of General Services (DGS) last Saturday and got caught up with the latest. The presentation from that meeting can be found here. The school is slated to open in the fall of 2014, and will be an arts-integrated school that promotes project based learning. The school will be built on the site next to Turkey Thicket where a vacant school currently sits now. The feeder schools to the Brookland Middle School will be Langdon, Bunker Hill and Burroughs, and it will feed Dunbar, Roosevelt and Coolidge High Schools. The meeting was over very quickly, as DGS covered all 11 slides in less than 10 minutes, but there was adequate time for questions and answers. Most of the questions centered on construction and how that will impact nearby neighbors. Kenny Diggs, from DGS  stated “Come to us…let us know, so we can fix it. Don’t just talk to neighbors. There will be problems, this is construction.” So here is what we learned:

  • The raze application of the existing school has been filed, and it will probably be demolished in August
  • The design of the school is underway
  • The construction contractors will be international firm Skanska, which has experience building schools
  • Here is a slide from the presentation that outline’s DGS’s plan for engaging with the neighbors closest to the construction siteBMS Update

If you are interested in learning more about the school there is lots of information here, at the DC Public Schools website.

There were questions asked about the playground on Turkey Thicket’s campus that would be nearly complete if it were not for delays  incurred by the need to coordinate with the school’s construction. Many were relieved to hear that the design that was already complete  will be the design going forward.  The other good news is that we were told that the project is fully funded. As far as we know the only thing left to complete is the procurement stage and get construction underway. There will be a meeting in after the 4th of July Holiday to introduce the building team and discuss things like the project timeline. We will keep you updated on any details as we learn them.

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