BNCA Meeting Tonight – Brookland’s Finest, Brookland Green, And Crime On The Agenda

FoRIA BNCA Cleanup 007The next Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association (BNCA) meeting will take place tonight, Tuesday, June 18th. The agenda will cover a resolution whether or not to support Brookland’s Finest, a restaurant planning on opening in the neighborhood. Other agenda items include a Brookland Green Committee Report, a police report from Commander of MPD’s 5th district, Andy Solberg, and Xion Lester, a representative from MedStar Health. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM at the Howard University School of Divinity, 1400 Shepherd Street, NE.

6 thoughts on “BNCA Meeting Tonight – Brookland’s Finest, Brookland Green, And Crime On The Agenda”

  1. I’m moving to Michigan Ave (North side), is this considered within the boundary for BNCA purposes? I’ll be within the East and West boundaries. Thanks.

    1. If you are moving to the 1200-1900 blocks of Michigan Avenue, you will be residing within the boundaries of the Michigan Park Citizens Association, which was founded in 1917. There are some geographic overlaps between BNCA and MPCA. Nonetheless, we encourage your participation in either group, and welcome you to Michigan Park/Brookland!

  2. Related question.

    Is the small neighborhood directly north of CUA considered part of Brookland? Bordered by Taylor, Hawaii and Clermont.

    1. No, it’s not. maps call that area “Pleasant Hill”, but it looks to be tucked away in between several other neighborhoods. “East Petworth”, perhaps (that would raise property values!)? “South Ft. Totten” (won’t raise AVs quite yet…).

      I’ve lived in DC for 28 years (after graduate school), 18 in Adams Morgan and 10 in Michigan Park, and I’ve never, ever heard of Clermont. Nor was it on the map…

  3. Meant to say North Capitol…for some reason on google maps its called Clermont Dr for that stretch. Also, looks like that area is part of Brookland as I just checked my deed and it says so. Brookland is by far the easiest hood/metro to get to. Just a nice pleasant stroll through campus!

    1. For taxing purposes, yes, the DC Office of Finance & Revenue divides the city into taxing districts. My neighbor across South Dakota is in “Brookland”, but my property is in “Michigan Park”, even though we are both members of the Michigan Park Citizens Association. (MPCA’s western boundary extends all the way to the RR tracks/Puerto Rico Avenue), even though we have absolutely no members from that area, and I certainly don’t consider that area to be Michigan Park).

      Layer-in ANC districts, Ward boundaries, informal neighborhood boundaries and overlapping citizens/civic association boundaries, and it gets very confusing.

      I’m envious that your walk to the Metro traverses the campus. Beautiful stroll!

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