901 Monroe (Col Brooks’) Construction Staging Starting Soon

901 Monroe Construction StagingBased on these signs lining 10th Street NE near Monroe, it looks like construction staging for the 901 Monroe Development should begin any day now. As you may recall, the ongoing legal battle between the Development and the “200 Footers” (a group of residents who filed a court case seeking to overturn the Office of Planning’s decision to allow the development) resulted in the Court of Appeals sending the case back to the Zoning Commission. The court “reject[ed] as meritless the petitioners’ contention that no further proceedings are necessary” and requested that the Zoning Commission expand some findings related to the project’s consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. In late May, Mark Rengel, Vice President of Development for the Menkiti Group sent out an email to 901 Monroe supporters stating that:

We continue to expect to move forward quickly with the development of this exciting project.

We will keep you updated on anything we learn.

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