Updated: Saftey Walk/Rides Friday and Monday On The Met Branch Trail – We Need More Eyes, Not Less

Met Branch Trail Brookand NE Washington DCThis morning we posted about a vicious attack on the nearby Metropolitan Branch Trail. While a natural reaction would be to avoid the trail, what we actually need to do is the opposite. The MBT is a fantastic resource and a lot of hard work has gone into it making it a reality, and many people are working to continue improving it. So if we are going to make the trail safer for all we need a greater law-abiding presence on the trail. Here are two events you could participate in to do just that.

From the Washington Area Bicyclist Association:

On Fri., June 15, area ANC commissioner Tim Clark will host a safety walk on the Metropolitan Branch Trail in light of the attack on a cyclist there earlier this week. Those interested in participating are encouraged to meet at the trail entrance at 3rd and Randolph streets at 6:30 p.m. on Friday.

From Life on The Edgewood:

Then, on Monday at 6:30 pm the Friends of Edgewood is teaming up with the Eckington Civic Association, MPD, and the Guardian Angels for a safety walk/ride on the trail. More details to follow.

***There was an update to the Monday Saftey Walk/Ride on the Brookland listserv as follows:

Safety Walk & Bike Event
Supporting safe use of
The Metropolitan Branch Trail

Please Join Us!
Monday, June 17th, 2013
6:30 pm

Wear WHITE shirt!

Meet at Either:
The Edgewood Recreation Center
Entrance to Trail at L & 1st/2nd Streets NE

· Two above groups convene at pocket park at 4th & S NE at 7:15pm

· Hold a Moment of Silence Honoring Victims of Violence on Trail

· Walk trail with the MPD to identify strategies to improve safety!

· Share Coffee and cookies, care of Big Bear Café

· Kids and Pets Welcome

Big Bear Café & Restaurant
Eckington and Edgewood Neighbors
Eckington Civic Association
Friends of Edgewood Recreation Center
The Guardian Angels
Metropolitan Police Department

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