Reported Met Branch Trail Attack Appears Random And Senseless

On Tuesday afternoon a biker was brutally attack on the nearby Metroplitan Branch Trail. While this story has been widely covered on other blogs and on WJLA ABC 7 News, we wanted to make sure we covered it as well, in case some folks had not heard about it. Here is a link to the WJLA story as well as an video with a phone interview of the victim. Beyond the reported information that the assault took place in broad daylight, and was a “15 on 1” attack, the sad fact is that the motivation seems to simply be voilence, as nothing was taken from the commuter. I have ridden on the MBT many times without incident, but a story like this really gives you pause. In the interview, the victim said that he hopes he “can regain the courage to keep riding.” We hope so too.

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