Video: Brookland’s Finest Liquor License Controversy Covered On ABC 7 Evening Newscast

Looks like word of our neighborhood’s ongoing battle over the proposed Brookland’s Finest restaurant has spread far enough that WJLA ABC 7 News came out to cover it today. Here is a link to the story. Let’s hope for future news stories about the great things going on in Brookland instead of our divisions.

5 thoughts on “Video: Brookland’s Finest Liquor License Controversy Covered On ABC 7 Evening Newscast”

  1. This was the comment I posted on the ABC page:
    There are other bars and restaurants much closer to schools and churches than this location. Smokescreen!

    The real story here is how certain ANC commissioners manipulate the rules, selectively solicit opinions, arbitrarily define who has standing and then railroad their own agendas–RATHER than convening members of the community, soliciting viewpoints, listening and bringing people together.

    There isn’t a “fight.” Instead there is a dialogue that is being denied by commissioners who object to changes in Brookland. They have turned a good process of getting community feedback (I have been to many good meetings on alcohol licenses) into a kangaroo court with the verdict in and new business out.

    Fortunately, my good neighbors in Brookland are working outside the broken ANC system to work with the owners to get to a good solution.

  2. Gwynne, Your assessment is 100% accurate! It is a shame that certain ANC commissioners are attempting to make a mockery of the democratic process. We are ALL entiteled to our own opinions, but it is the duty of an elected official to represent his or her constituents, not his or her own personal agenda.

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