Hooray! KaBOOM! Playground At Bethune Day Academy Is Open For Play!

Anyone familiar with the playground at the Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy off Irving St. between 13th and 14th knows that the old playground was rusted and in pretty bad condition, to the point that neighbors were making small fixes on the equipment themselves. The great news is that the old playground has been removed and replaced by a new fantastic one!

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This was a true community/school partnership, and as of last Saturday the playground is open to the public. A lot of work went into making the new playground and garden a reality, many thanks go to the following:

  • School founder Dr. Linda McKay, who put the playground upgrade on the school’s front burner.
  • KaBOOM!, the incredible D.C.-based national nonprofit that works to promote play for children.
  • The J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott Foundation. They not only provided a huge financial contribution, but about 100 Marriott employees volunteered on site as part of Marriott’s Global Day of Service.
  • Casey Trees, which not only graciously donated plants, but many wheelbarrows and tools as well.
  • Abbot Klar Real Estate Group came through with a large financial donation that enabled organizer to meet the required community match
  • Brookland Neighbors, who organized, volunteered, lent tools and made donations
This project shows what is possible when our wonderful Brookland community comes together with the help of great organizations and sponsors. GO BROOKLAND!

4 thoughts on “Hooray! KaBOOM! Playground At Bethune Day Academy Is Open For Play!”

  1. I am outraged. As a 200 Footer to this development, I was never notified of the plan for this playground. I do not recall any public meetings pertaining to this development. I fear that this will set a terrible precedent for other playground developments in the neighborhood.

    Commissioner Carolyn Steptoe, please contact me at once to put a stop to this. The former playground should have been registered on the DC Historic Preservation list to save it, as it was one of the few remaining examples of rusting, hazardous playground architecture in the city. And, did anyone check to see if this playground conforms to the Brookland Small Area Plan?

    Surely, this development will result in an increase in (foot) traffic, (stroller) parking issues, and, dare I say, promote underage (bottle/milk/juice) drinking at all hours of the day.

    I insist that this be added to the ANC 5B03 and 04 calendars. I demand that these meetings be audio recorded, but that the ANC SMD Commissioner refuse to provide copies of the audio recording. And, I demand that if anyone should speak out in favor of this playground that the SMD meeting should be called to an immediate end and the ANC Commissioner should immediately take to email and the web to denounce supporters of this project as unwieldy attendees who caused the meeting to have to be adjourned for the safety of everyone else.

    (Naturally, this is entirely in jest and is satire).

    I congratulate all the volunteers and KABOOM and MMB Charter School. This is a wonderful, needed, and must appreciated addition to our neighborhood.

    Now if only there were a nice family restaurant just a few blocks away that we could walk to afterwards to grab a bite to eat and see other Brookland families and neighbors.

    Some day.

    I hope.

  2. +1000
    I couldn’t agree more. What a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

    And, in light of recent events, I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek parody of how certain members of our community react to any change in Brookland.

    I <3 Brookland

  3. Thank you, “200 Footer”, for your hilarious post. I needed a good laugh this morning. I am positively outraged by Steptoe and her cronies and their rampant abuse of their elected positions. My understanding of public office is that you hold office to represent the majority of your constituents, not your personal opinions and the opinions of a very select few. I intend to write a letter thanking Tiffany Bridge, and the the Board to shed light on what happened.

    And thank you/congrats to MMBDA and KaBoom for this wonderful, excited addition to our neighborhood.

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