Help Get The KaBOOM! Playground At Bethune Day Academy Over The Finish Line!

In mid April we wrote about the plans for a new KaBOOM! playground at the Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy . At that time the Playground organizers were looking for donations and volunteers to make the plans a reality. While they have done a great job raising funds and pulling volunteers together, more needs to be done to seal the deal. We think this playground project is worth supporting because it will be open to the community in addition to enhancing one of our neighborhood schools. When complete, the playground will be a great community asset!

The playground is being prepped - can you help push it over the finish line?
The playground is being prepped – can you help push it over the finish line?

With the build day rapidly approaching on Wednesday, May 15, here are some ways you can pitch in and make this playground a reality:

  • Financial Donations:  The school/community fundraising goal of $9,000 is close to being reached, but they need more to get them over the top. Anyone interested in donating a few bucks can do so really easily here. Donations are tax-deductible. If they surpass their goal, the excess funds will go directly to more features on the playground, like more benches or plants.
  • Lend Tools and Equipment: Wheelbarrows, fence post hole diggers, mortar hoes, hand tamps, rubber mallets and drills will be returned promptly.
  • Donate Plants: The school would love to have perennials and  evergreen shrubs and all kinds of plants are welcome for planting with the community garden.

Contact Matt at matthewgrimison (at) yahoo (dot) com about donations or tool lending or if you have any questions. The playground will be ready for play on Saturday May 18. Mary McLeod Bethune Day Academy is located off Irving Street between 13th and 14th Streets, NE.

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