10th Annual Brookland Farmers Market To Return On June 4th!

We are happy to report that Licking Creek Bend Farm, a sustainable farm located in Pennsylvania will be returning to supply Brookland with their amazing selection of fresh produce.  Every year we swoon for their juicy peaches, heirloom tomatoes, nectarines and corn. In addition to the amazing produce, there are others vendors selling breads, home-made granola, pastries and more. I encourage all  Brooklanders to come out and support our farmers market! The market sets up every Tuesday from 4:00m – 7:00pm under the Drew Bridge (Michigan St.)  north of the Brookland Metro. Here are some photos from last year’s farmer’s market.

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One thought on “10th Annual Brookland Farmers Market To Return On June 4th!”

  1. There was a post recently on the listserv about WMATA employees having taken to parking under the bridge near the Brookland metro.

    Has that issue been resolved, or will their attempts to circumvent paying for parking by parking under the bridge cause a problem for the Farmer’s Market vendors and patrons?

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