Menomale, Brookland’s Finest Liquor Licenses, 901 Monroe Development – All Topics At SMD 5B-04 Meeting

About 10 days ago, we posted about this Saturday’s Single Member District 5B-04 Meeting, where it was announced that the managers/owners of a new restaurant, Brookland’s Finest, would present their case for a liquor license. Yesterday, we learned through an updated meeting agenda that quite a bit a more is in store. In addition to the new restaurant, the liquor license renewal for the super-popular Menomale is up for discussion as well as an update on the 901 Monroe Development project. This should be a very interesting meeting and we encourage those that are interested in development in the neighborhood to show up and voice your opinion. Here is an image of the meeting’s updated flyer:

5B 04 SMD Meeting April 27 2013

19 thoughts on “Menomale, Brookland’s Finest Liquor Licenses, 901 Monroe Development – All Topics At SMD 5B-04 Meeting”

    1. Hi Keon,
      I wish it was that simple. I have been talking to immediate neighbors of the location and some are for the restaurant, but some are not. From what I have gathered, some people who do not want it have no issue with a family restaurant, but are opposed to liquor in general, so there isn’t much you can say to change their mind about that. There will be impacts to the closest neighors, I think they will be mostly positive, but there may be a few negatives (like parking), so it is important that everyone has their voice heard. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  1. I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to make this meeting. I hope you’ll post a summary of the meeting later!

  2. I’m glad there is another family friendly option headed our way. We like to go out to eat, and all too often we take our business outside of our neighborhood. Thanks for the work you do to keep us informed!

    -k.k. on Quincy

  3. I cannot wait for Brookland’s Finest. I’ve known Tony, as a friend of another friend in Brookland for two years. He’s responsible, a good business owner, and a Brookland resident who has been trying for a long time to bring another great addition to Brookland that the area neighbors are really excited about.

    I was unable to make it to the meeting with Caroline Steptoe, but I heard it got ridiculous real fast. I heard she tried to dismiss neighbors who didn’t leave right next door as being unworthy of listening to, she could not run an organized meeting and eventually just threw her hands up and calls the meeting over…right in the middle of it.

    Were you there? What are your thoughts? I wish there were a better forum than the ANC meeting, because I fear that Ms. Steptoe has never looked out for the majority of her constituents (or Brookland for that matter).

    1. I was there as well. She also did not want to hear from her own constituents. She was disrespectful to a woman who lived 6 doors from the restaurant and refused to let her speak. She also tried to shout down a man who live right across the street.

  4. Sent out this morning:

    Good morning 5B04 Community —

    Unfortunately, due to the very disorderly and disruptive behavior of several attendees at Sat’s 5B04 community meeting to hear about Brookland’s Finest Bar and Kitchen, I adjourned this SMD meeting at 1:19pm/ish. This SMD meeting was scheduled from Noon to 3PM and was tape-recorded as are all 5B04 meetings.

    The sign-in sheet reflects 55 attendees; though likely this standing room only crowd totaled 65-70/ish. Myself and the 5B chair did not leave the ANC office until 1:50PM. A sign of reflecting “meeting adjourned” was posted on the ANC office door.

    As 5B04 commissioner, I regret the inconvenience the actions of a few may have caused our 5B04 community. Thank you.

    Very kind regards,

    Commissioner Carolyn C. Steptoe
    Single Member District 5B04
    Vice Chairperson, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B
    (202) 636-8191
    (pardon typos, etc.)

  5. I’m afraid we’ve seen this before with other neighborhood issues. Ms. Steptoe generally does not allow anyone to speak at a meeting unless you share her views. Let’s hope for honest and fair dialogue in the future.

  6. Who at ABRA can we contact to offer our personal support for this restaurant, since it sounds like our ANC representative has already made up her mind to oppose it?

  7. I would hope that she doesn’t oppose it since someone yelled all in support raise your right hand and pretty much the whole room did. She is out of her mind and quite frankly an embarrassment to our community. Someone needs to remind her she serves the community and we expect her to listen to us and act on our behalf.

  8. I should add since she didn’t let anyone talk but herself, we didn’t even get to hear the actual concerns of the people who reside closest to the restaurant. When they tried to speak that is when Ms. Steptoe cut them off and then adjourned the meeting.

  9. Hi Guys,
    So many people have reached out to us asking for more info on Brookland’s Finest and the ANC Meeting Saturday. We are working on it, I promise! More content to come on these topics soon.
    Thanks for reading and commenting,

  10. What recourse do residents have to address what happened at Saturday’s meeting? It blows my mind that something like that was even possible in this day and age. I feel like I got a taste of what its like to live in North Korea.

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