New Woodridge Library Update Meeting Next Wednesday

Woodridge Library Rendering. View from Rhode Island Ave NE. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Woodridge Library Blog.
Woodridge Library Rendering. View from Rhode Island Ave NE. Photo courtesy of the Friends of Woodridge Library. 

One of my favorite development projects in the wider area is the overhaul of the Woodridge Library. I hope that the modernized and expanded library will be a catalyst for increased investment in the Woodridge area of Rhode Island Avenue NE, an area that seems to be on the cusp of homegrown renewal thanks to folks like the Friends of Rhode Island Ave (FoRIA). The design plans for the library are impressive and decidedly modern. Forward-thinking Wiencek and Associates and Bing Thom Architects were selected to lead the overhaul. I find their designs thoughtful and beautiful, for example, Bing Thom was behind the popular Arena Stage Theatre in Southwest DC.  The current library will close late this summer and the new library is scheduled to be completed in 2015. Interested in learning more? There will be a meeting on Wednesday May 1st to discuss updates and status.  The meeting will take place at the Woodridge Library, located at 1801 Rhode Island Avenue, NE, starting at 6:00 pm. Keep up with the Library’s progress via The Friends of Woodridge Library’s blog.

3 thoughts on “New Woodridge Library Update Meeting Next Wednesday”

  1. Woah–really, no windows? Large expanses of windowless-ness? Looks like a mid-century mod prison, unfortunately. I know windows cost money, but is DC really that poor? Hopefully ample windows just were not sketched in on the drawing shown here. Otherwise–ward 5 is in for another bit of blight.

    Whew, thank god some of stately older buildings still stand, and that someone else is designing for the Catholic U development. This looks as funky as the planned stadium that will make no one with any aesthetic sense want to go to the Dog Park at Langdon Park. Yikes–what is wrong with Ward 5? Hyattsville can do better than DC. Next Mt. Rainier will outdo DC’s Ward 5 as well. Time to speak truth to power–walls without windows are ugly, bleak, and prison-like.

    1. Hi Sandra,
      This may have not have been the best example drawing of the library. There will be plenty of windows on the opposite side of the building, facing the park. This will create a light filled atrium with high cielings, and plenty of natural light. I encourage you to visit the Friends of Woodridge Library site (linked above) and chek out the other drawings. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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