Brookland Middle School Site Announced – Will Be On Existing School Footprint

Last Saturday the DC Department of General Services (DGS) presented which of  the final four options it selected for the location of the new Brookland Middle School. You can see the full presentation here. The chosen footprint is what many in the community assumed it would be before the “co-location” controversy started – on the same footprint of the now defunct Brookland Elementary School.

Brookland Middle School Site NE Washington DCIt shouldn’t come as a surprise to Brookland Bridge readers that we are pleased that the co-location option was dropped. I also think that it makes sense that the only option that stays on budget was selected. The new pick up/drop off lane that will be added along the back of the school has always made a lot of sense to us from the options given as well. Here’s hoping that the school will be the state of the art institution that our students deserve – and that it is fully utilized over time.

The community engaged in a question and answer session with DGS and architects at Saturday's meeting
The community engaged in a question and answer session with DGS and architects at Saturday’s meeting

Other than unveiling this site selection, there wasn’t much new information offered. The crowd of roughly 50 community members was smaller and less riled up than at previous meetings and the meeting was much shorter than previous ones as well. Once the announcement was made, questions turned to how immediate neighbors would be impacted, for example by parking, lighting, construction, rats, and other issues. DGS spokesperson Ken Diggs assured the crowd that the school “won’t be towering or overbearing” and added that underground parking is still an option that is on the table. When some wondered about the quality this smaller footprint would afford the Middle School students, Mr. Diggs responded that the school will be “fabulous”. Many other questions, for example about DC Parks and Recreation summer programs, were put off for future meetings. Notably, the groundbreaking of the new playground has been delayed and no solid information was given as to when these plans would be picked up again – and more importantly – what impact the school will have on the planned elements of the playground. Demolition of the current school building is set to begin in early summer and the new school is supposed to open in the fall of 2014. We will keep you up to date on any developments.

6 thoughts on “Brookland Middle School Site Announced – Will Be On Existing School Footprint”

  1. I was unable to attend the meeting, but this report makes it sound as though the meeting was a waste of time since city officials weren’t prepared to answer the community’s questions — again. They could have simply made the announcement of the school site and the demolition/construction timetable in a press release if they didn’t come willing and able to answer questions, no?

    And I don’t understand why the planned playground construction isn’t set to begin immediately. If Turkey Thicket’s recreational facilities won’t be impacted by the school construction plans, why isn’t the playground moving forward? THIS DELAY represents a negative impact on Turkey Thicket’s facilities.

  2. It is really disappointing to hear that the PLAY DC construction has been delayed. Was there any rationale given for this?

    I am happy that the middle school is moving forward, but based on my attendance at previous meetings, I had understood that this design was compatible with PLAY DC upgrades moving ahead as planned. This is very disappointing!

  3. I am a student who enrolled to this school and i have a couple of questions and not a comment. First, what is the uniform colors and where can we get them? Second, will i receive a letter that shows the materials that i need to bring to my classes? Third, what are some classes at the school? And fourthly, how long are our classes and how much time do we have to transition to our next class?

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