Casey Trees Guest Blog: Got Plantable Space?

We are honored to have Brookland based Casey Trees come on board to guest blog from time to time. Here is the first of what we hope are many posts from them.


The District has made some strides lately towards becoming a greener, healthier place to live. The Mayor’s recently released Sustainable DC Plan has set some goals that we believe are reachable – including a 40% tree canopy goal, and an annual tree planting goal of 8,600 trees per year. But as hard as we’ve worked the past 10+ years, we know we’re not capable of achieving them without your help.

Casey Trees has been a very, very proud Brookland resident for quite some time. We see the species diversity and the number of specimens that dominate street corners and private property, and we appreciate all that we have here – but there’s still so much potential.

Can you imagine a Brookland more than half covered by tree canopy? Because we know it’s possible.

The current 28% canopy could be nearly doubled to 55% with the amount of potential plantable space available in Ward 5. But we can’t do it on our own – we’re asking all of our fellow Brooklanders to look around the next time they’re going biking, walking the baby stroller, or heading home from work and consider one question: “Got Plantable Space?”

If the answer is yes, then Casey Trees’ Community Tree Planting program is the next step. We provide the trees, tools, and technical assistance for hundreds of plantings around the District in the fall and spring every year – all you have to do is submit an application. Let us know of a place needing 10 or more trees and sooner rather than later, we’ll turn Brookland into a true urban forest.

No one knows your neighborhood like you. Help us give it a greener future.

Thinking Green Thoughts –
Casey Trees

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