Brookland Gardens, August 2012 Edition

August is a hard time of year for us DC gardeners. It’s usually blazingly hot, making any activity in the yard a total chore. There is often a drought at this time of year, causing many plants to go dormant or wilt entirely without watering. It’s also a time of pestilence, with every gardener’s bane from spider mites to aphids wreaking havoc on our beloved plants.

So when you find a lush garden in bloom at this unpleasant time of year, you really have to sit up and take notice. And so I did, as I took a wrong turn and accidentally passed by this gorgeous August garden at 1003 Newton earlier today:

Yes, that’s a big bee happily doing its thing  in the last pic–I love seeing gardens that provide a habitat for birds, butterflies, and other critters…..

I don’t recognize most of the flowers except for the roses and zinnias. Can anyone help identify them? You’ll help make my own August garden look better in the future!

Congrats, 1003 Newton, for having such a gorgeous garden at the height of the dog days of summer!

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