Brookland’s Little Ricky’s Gets A Mixed Review From The Washington Post

Brookland New Restaurants NE Washington DC
Little Ricky’s Masas de puerco with black beans, rice, and platanos maduros

We thought our readers would like to know that the Washington Post recently reviewed Little Ricky’s, our neighborhood’s newest and most upscale restaurant. The review has high praises for the decor and service of this popular Cuban restaurant, while calling the rest of 12th St. “bereft of art and vision”. Ouch. But after reading a Little Ricky’s Yelp! reviewer from Arlington call Brookland “sketch”, I guess we all have our opinions. (Speaking of which, the restaurant fetches 4.5 out of 5 stars by Yelp! standards.) The Post’s review of Little Ricky’s food was less glowing, essentially saying that some menu options are bland and that the kitchen can be hit or miss.  Again, we all have our opinions. Having dined there pretty much weekly since they opened in November, and being Latina, I am pretty biased towards this menu full of my comfort foods. I happen to think their food is always very tasty and has gotten more consistent over time. So, there. Hey, at least we have a second restaurant worthy of being reviewed by the Post, which is a lot more than I could have said a couple of years ago! Little Ricky’s is located at 3522 12th St. NE. Their website is here. They are open Thurs – Sat from 11: 30 – 3:00, 5:00 – 10:00 and Sunday for brunch from 10:00 – 5:00.

3 thoughts on “Brookland’s Little Ricky’s Gets A Mixed Review From The Washington Post”

  1. Their drinks are great and the food is quite good. Much of the rest of 12th street, while old and a bit shabby, and not apparently catering to the wealthy and hip, at least survives. There are many ‘downtown’ strips all over the USA that are 50-100% abandoned. Not Brookland’s downtown. I try to patronize local joints here when possible — and it’s not always possible. I wonder what building all that housing and retail along Monroe will do; I just don’t know, but I’m certain it will change.
    Back to Little Ricky’s: it’s not a very long menu, so you could run out of new things to try after only a couple of visits if you go with family or friends . But it’s quite good, and I can certainly walk there from my house. If you try to avoid carbs or gluten or meat, it’s possible to do so there: even the appetizers are nearly carbless and contain no grains of any sort: pickled vegetables!

  2. I don’t know that I would say this is “upscale.” Agree with Post that the decor is tops. And I would offer that the fare is good for the price. Comfort food, well priced.

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