Brookland’s Own Chocolate City Beer Interviewed On CNN

You may have heard that the White House has been brewing beer, causing a stir from home brewers and micro-brew lovers who are clamoring for the recipe.  Today the story hit home as CNN visited the good guys over at Chocolate City Beer and asked them to weigh in on the issue. Check out the video here. Way to go CCB!

Chocolate City Beer Obama Story
Gratuitous photo of President Obama sipping beer

2 thoughts on “Brookland’s Own Chocolate City Beer Interviewed On CNN”

  1. I have a tip for you…

    While conducting my weekly growler exchange at CCB today i asked what is upstairs and was told a new bar is coming to Brookland in the fall. It’s not part of CCB but a separate venture by the owner of the building in which CCB resides. Good news!

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