Reminder: Time Running Out To Give Your Middle School/Turkey Thicket Feedback – Here’s How

Community Center Brookland NE Washington DC
Turkey Thicket Exterior Photo Courtesy of DC Dept. of Public Works

We have covered the debate over the location of the new Brookland Middle School extensively here, here and here. Last Saturday morning the DC Department of General Services (DSG) presented the final four options for the location of the middle school.  Here is where you come in. The DGS will be making their decision on the site location for the school in the next week. If you want to voice your opinion on this decision – you have until the end of this week to do so. Here are some easy options to do so:

  • This survey put together by a group of neighbors. The results of this vote will be submitted to the DC Department of General Services, Ward 5 Councilman Kenyan McDuffie, and all other relevant government officials in order to give these officials a clearer understanding of the community’s preference.
  • DGS is asking that the community email Darrell Pressley, their press secretary, at darrell(dot)pressley(at)dc(dot)gov
  • View the presentation from DGS that gives a rundown of the options here. There is a form at the end of the presentation where you can give your feedback directly to DGS

For our rundown of the options check out our posting here.

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