New District 5 Police Commander And CM McDuffie To Hold Crime Meeting

Overview map of the Fifth Police District (Washington, DC)
District 5 Map courtesy of the DC Metropolitan Police Department.

Yesterday we learned that MPD District 5 Commander Solberg was given a new position, and District 5, which covers Brookland, will be getting new Commander, Dierdre N. Porter. This move comes amid a series of high profile and brazen crimes on 12th Street in Brookland, which prompted to us to start an online petition for increased police presence. We wish Mr. Solberg the best in his new position and are looking forward to getting to know Commander Porter.

We spoke with a representative from Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie’s staff on Monday about the response from his office and MPD to the 250+ Brookanders who signed the petition. His team assured me that they are in the process of scheduling a community meeting about the crime issue and that MPD representatives would be there. The meeting will take place on Tuesday February 11th at 6:30 pm. The location has not been announced yet, we will let you know when we know. We strongly encourage everyone to come out. You can read and sign the petition here, or on the top right of our home page.

Here is a message from Commander Porter to the community, and you can read her bio here:

Good Morning Community Members,

As a native Washingtonian, it is with anticipation and pleasure that I have been selected to serve as the Commander of the Fifth District. I am familiar with the Fifth District, as I previously resided in the Woodridge area for approximately nine years. I am excited to be working with my fellow Metropolitan Police Department members and returning to the Fifth District community.

I have 23-years of service with the Metropolitan Police Department. During my tenure, I have been previously assigned to the First, Second, Sixth and Seventh Patrol Districts, as well as various administrative assignments. My most recent assignment was in Patrol Services and School Security Bureau.

I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Dierdre N. Porter, Commander
Fifth District Commander
Metropolitan Police Department
1805 Bladensburg Road, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Phone: (202) 698-0150
Fax: (202) 727-8453
E-mail: Dierdre(dot)Porter(at)dc(dot)gov

5 thoughts on “New District 5 Police Commander And CM McDuffie To Hold Crime Meeting”

  1. I feel much safer since MPD has positioned an officer outside the CVS to talk on thier cell phone and watch every single car in front of them run the stop sign. Every. Single. One. This type of “presence” only reinforces what criminals already know: Only the most egresious of crimes will coax an MPD officer from their car, and only then to write a report. (There will be no action taken on the report, but it might help the victim make an insurance claim.) Have we thought about asking MPD for LESS of a presence? The myth of the MPD may be more of a threat than the reality.

  2. I for one felt MUCH safer yesterday when a cop told a guy playing guitar outside the Yes! market to move on. Thanks for protecting us from rogue musicians. That was sarcasm, in case anyone needed to be told.

  3. Public pot smoking gathering places INVITE drug dealers which INVITES street crimes– from burglaries to armed hold-ups and much worse. So when a new 5D police commander can’t give a straight answer to a couple of simple questions about public pot parties and pot smokers in parks and playgrounds, we’re in much deeper trouble than we were before.

    Porter’s first evening as 5D Commander was spent at a HS meeting where MPD denied public pot-smoking happens nearby. But just a half block away– right under their noses– five kids were boldly throwing a sidewalk pot party.

    MPD denying public pot smoking nuisances occur around the Brookland Metro and a local high school is just laughable. But coupling that with targeted police bias is both corrupt and actionable.

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