Update: Metro Moves One Step Closer To The Development Of The “Brookland Green”

by Astrid on March 15, 2013

Brookland Green Fall 2012

Brookland Green Fall 2012

On Tuesday we shared with you that we got word about the space east of the Brookland / CUA Metro station including the “Brookland Green” being explored for developed. Unfortunately we got  more details, this time from a presentation put together by the Planning, Program Development and Real Estate Committee of WMATA. The purpose of the presentation was to propose to the real estate committee that Metro solicit development agreements for properties they own around various metro sites. According to an article in the City Paper, the real estate committee approved the proposal unanimousely  and now it is headed to the full WMATA board. If things move quickly, WMATA could be fielding responses from developers by the end of the year.

Here is a slide that shows what Metro stops they would like developed:WMATA Development sites

Here is a birds-eye view of the Brookland area proposed for development:WMATA property around Bookland  CUA

As you can see the “Brookland Green”, the only public green space with mature trees remaining in that part of Brookland, is definitely included in this proposed plan. If I can speak for myself for a moment, I hope that the Brookland community will rise as a united force to prevent this from happening. A green space like this is priceless and can not be replaced once destroyed. It is unrealistic to think that we could push back against the entire development, nor do I want to, after all the location is adjacent to an urban subway station, but I believe we need to take a stand on saving the wonderful mature trees and the green space they are located on.

Here is a call to action. WANTED: A Brooklander(s) who has (have) the time and passion to take on the lead on guiding the community through the fight to preserve the “Brookland Green”. Are you with us? We will keep you updated as this development progresses.

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