Brookland In Photos – Surreal Damage From A Car Wreck

A neighbor on Kearny hipped us to the freak result of a police car chase that made its way from Prince George’s County and ended badly all the way in Brookland on Kearny Street NE between 12th and 10th. Unfortunately, a number of cars were totalled or badly damaged in the resulting wreck. Added to the damage is this ‘no parking’ sign. Can you believe this? The impact of a car hitting the pole ripped it in half and threw the top part of the sign pole –  not just 40 feet away but about 10 feet high and impaled the trunk of this tree like a spear. This was one of four recent high-speed accidents with multiple cars damaged in Brookland over the last couple of weeks.

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8 thoughts on “Brookland In Photos – Surreal Damage From A Car Wreck”

  1. This is terrifying. When did this happen? I frequently walk this route with my kids in the stroller. We wouldn’t have stood a chance against the cars or that signpost.

    1. And the week before that, there a monster hit and run close to the one you saw, on 12th between Irving and Jackson. One car and a motorcycle were totaled and another two damaged – all parked! They caught the driver though. Here’s a pic,

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