901 Monroe (Col. Brooks’) Development To Resume Demolition Next Week

Demolition has been going on at a slow pace since October 2012
Demolition has been going on at a slow pace since October 2012

Members of the 901 Monroe development team gave a presentation at the ANC 5B meeting this week. The focal point of the presentation was their public space plan, which doesn’t seem to have any changes from when we covered it in detail back in December. Highlights of the plan include new curbs, gutters, street lights, street trees, and the under grounding of power lines along Monroe and 9th Streets, NE.  The public space plan won’t actually go into effect for 18 – 24 months, which is towards the end of construction of this 2 year project. However, the development team was presenting it because they are going in front of DDOT’s Public Space Committee on March 28. Up until this point there has been some partial demolition, for example the gutting of Colonel Brooks’ Tavern and the felling of a few trees, but it seems to have come to a standstill in recent months. According to a representative from Horning Brothers, the Developers and Property Managers of the 901 Monroe Development, the big hold up was caused by Washington Gas’s capping of utilities. We asked when demolition of the buildings on the property will begin, and we were told sometime next week, despite a court case brought by residents opposed to the development. When asked when they expected a conclusion to the court case, we were told that oral arguments in the court case will begin on April 11th.

(Note: Big hat tip to reader Josh who sent us info on the raze permits issued on January 25 for the houses at  3412 and 3422 10th St. NE, and the ones at 906 and 910 Lawrence St. NE. These are the unoccupied homes on the 901 Monroe property.)

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  1. I will believe it when I see it. I got an email from the 901 project team two weeks back that said the demo was starting Feb 19th. But I guess we have enough construction to watch on the Monroe St Market project.

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