Support The Met Branch Trail – Sign Up To Climb The “Big Stinky”!

McCormack Drive (a portion of Met Branch Trail along Catholic U).
McCormack Drive (a portion of Met Branch Trail along Catholic U).

Many of us are eager to have the Metropolitan Branch Trail finally completed. If you are one of them, consider signing up for the Big Stinky Hill Climb Challenge. So, what is exactly, is the Big Stinky? It is a hill on the section of  the Met Branch Trail at the intersection of John McCormack Road and Bates Drive NE (on the east side of Catholic U). It got the nickname Big Stinky due to the frequent aroma of garbage wafting over from nearby Fort Totten Transfer Station. According to Bicycle SPACE:

The hill is a symbol of the stalled progress in building the Metropolitan Branch Trail which when ultimately completed, will provide a smooth at-grade connection between Silver Spring and the National Mall.  With the Trail in place, instead of having to take on Big Stinky, cyclists and other users will be able to pass the transfer station alongside the Metro tracks on a level path.   And, the completed Trail will be able to connect with the Capital Crescent Trail to offer a 27 mile “bicycle beltway” encircling a large part of the District, thereby providing a hugely valuable recreational amenity and transportation link.

The hill climb challenge, taking place on Saturday, March 16th at 12 pm is hosted by The Assembly. There will be prizes for winners, riders and fans with the best costumes, not to mention the coveted trophy, the Golden Garbage Pail. They are hoping to draw a large crowd and are encouraging participants to create a party atmosphere complete with costumes, cheering, flag waving, cowbell ringing and the like.

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