Real Estate Watch – Brookland Homes Asking $775,000 & $549,900, Another Sells For $660,000

It’s been a little quiet on the real estate front lately, but alas, here are some interesting happenings.

We are seeing the upper reaches of Brookland’s residential market prices with this colonial style home at 1409 Kearny St, NE,  going for $775,000, but look at what you get for your money. Wowza –  a theater room, a 3-tier deck and loads of modern updates, including 2 master suites and a total of 7 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. Yes, you read that correctly. I literally gasped when I saw one of the master baths. It is the size of my bedroom. Kidding…sort of.  [An interesting note, this property is zoned C2A, which is a commercial type of zoning. This would allow low-density development, (like offices, a store or housing) up to a maximum height of 50 feet.  Update:  the listing mentions that the property is zoned C2A, which seems to be in dispute, please see the comments.] It also comes with a Certificate of Occupancy, meaning that the city of DC has approved the property for a rental unit(s). Something tells me this home is not likely to end up with a Brady Bunch family.

This nicely renovated end-unit rowhouse at 1328 Taylor St. NE just hit the market at $549,900.  I really love the brick fireplace, and the not-too-open floorplan. Very sunny and welcoming. This home has 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and off street parking.

 We have kept our eye on this gorgeous, modern house at 3201 15th St., NE, since it hit the market back in early January, first listed at $649,000. It actually caught our eye when it was on the Garden Club’s Home and Garden Tour 2 years ago, and it is a beauty. Some lucky new neighbor snagged it for $660,000.

8 thoughts on “Real Estate Watch – Brookland Homes Asking $775,000 & $549,900, Another Sells For $660,000”

  1. The property at 1409 Kearney is zoned R-1-B, primarily residential development with a maximum height of 3
    stories/40 feet.

    One need only look at the DC Zoning Map to find that most of Brookland is zoned R-1-B.

    I wonder where the real estate company got the idea that 1409 Kearney is C-2-A? The only C-2-A now in Brookland is where Comcast is, along 12th Street from Otis to Monroe, and along Rhode Island Avenue.

  2. I was a little disappointed to note this weekend that Rhode Island Row near the Giant is now home to a DMV office. While I like the convenience, I have not seen this help any commercial property. It actually seems to hurt. Thoughts?

  3. Diana
    I actually think the DMV is a very good thing for that location. First making a DMV metro accessible is a good thing as many of the people who need to go to the DMV do not have a valid license for a variety of reasons. Second I think the foot traffic such an office will generate will help the restaurants that will be located in Rhode Island Row, and further, I think that guarantee of foot traffic will help encourage other business to lease the many unleased spots that currently exist.

    1. I am agree with both Diane and Nathaniel. Diane – its true that the DMV is not the most exciting tenant to come, but Nathaniel makes good argument – DMV needs a good metro accessible location and that function will bring a lot of foot traffic that will increase the vitality of the whole development!

  4. Hi — My wife and I recently moved into the house at 15th & Jackson. We are looking forward to becoming a part of the community and meeting our neighbors. Glad we discovered your blog, it has been a great source of information!

    Jon & Janelle

    1. Hi Jon and Janelle,
      Welcome to the neighborhood! Glad you are enjoying the blog. I am confident you will find that Brookland is a great place to call home.

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