Ward 5 Neighbors For Statehood To Meet Freshman Senators At Lobby Day

DC Statehood BannerAs we posted last month, one of the most vocal and active groups in the fight for DC Statehood started right here in Brookland, and and has recently expanded to form the Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood. Besides outreach to local civic associations and meetings in the US Senate, one of the biggest activities the group is working on is their DC Statehood Lobby Day on Friday, March 1st, 2013. On that day, Ward 5 residents will visit US Senate offices with packets of information about DC and the Statehood bill itself.  The focus will be to reach out to each new Senate office to both welcome them to the District and introduce them to the subject of DC Statehood. The organizer, Josh Burch wrote via email:  

In the meetings we will discuss the great communities, history, and people in Ward 5 and in the District as a whole so that new Senators and staff understand that we are just like the people in their home states with one glaring exception: our disenfranchisement. Our goal will be to get as many freshman Senators to sign-on as cosponsors to S.132-The New Columbia Admission Act so that we have committed friends and supporters in the Senate for many years to come. We need YOU to join us on March 1st, to stand up for yourself, your family, your neighbors, and to complete the unfulfilled promise of our country (should be pretty darn fun too)..

The next Ward 5 Neighbors for Statehood meeting will be February 16th, at 3pm at a private residence in Woodridge. If you want to attend this meeting or lobby day please email Josh Burch at unitedforstatehood(at)gmail(dot)com for more information. To learn more about the grassroots efforts for DC Statehood, visit Josh’s blog, The 51st State.

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