Update #2: The Brookland “Pepco Green Wall Project” Petition

Help us turn this wall into a unique green space!
Help us turn this wall into a unique green space!

Hello readers, three weeks ago I asked you here on the blog to support my effort to have the large wall of the Pepco substation #133 on 12th Street NE transformed to a more green and environmentally friendly site. The feedback we have gotten from the community has been so positive, that I thought readers would like an update on the progress of the “Pepco Green Wall Project”.

Here is what has transpired so far.

  • We are close to reaching 150 signatures for the petition.
  • The BNCA (Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association) and the Greater Brookland Garden Club submitted letters of support for this project. Many thanks to Caroline Petti, Mary Pat Rowan and their members.
  • We have made some inroads with Pepco representatives, and expect to have a meeting with them in the near future about our proposal.
  • Based on my request, the office of Ward 5 Coucilmember Kenyan McDuffie has also contacted Pepco and is involved in the debate about the project proposal.
  • Councilmember At Large and Brookland resident David Grosso has acknowledged my request, but has not yet decided whether he will support this project.
  • Just today I received an email from the Public Affairs office at Pepco with the following message: “I wanted to provide you a brief update.  We are conducting a feasibility study now on your request.  It should be wrapping up soon.  Once it is complete, we will reach out to you for next steps and potential meeting dates.”

Although I always want things to move forward faster, I think this status is quite good for just 3 weeks into the process. But that doesn’t mean that I am not going to be persistent and pushy.

At this point our proposal to Pepco is complete, but it is still not too late to sign the online petition and to ask friends and neighbors to do the same. Every signature is valuable and adds more weight to the petition.

I will post any new developments on this project here on the blog, so stay tuned and wish us luck.

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