Bloomingdale To Get Spanish Tapas And Italian Restaurants

Every now and then things happen outside just outside Brookland borders that we think you will be interested in. The area around Rhode Island Avenue and 1st street NW in Bloomingdale is already popular with Brooklanders because of hotspots Boundry Stone and Rustik, and yoga studio Yoga District. Be prepared to trek across North Capitol street even more often in the coming months. According to the Prince of Petworth blog, a  Spanish Tapas restaurant, Costa Brava and an Italian influenced restaurant are coming to that area.

4 thoughts on “Bloomingdale To Get Spanish Tapas And Italian Restaurants”

  1. Fantastic! I’m happy for Bloomingdale but when are we going to get a variety of very good restaturants in Brookland (no light intendedto Menomale which I love)?

  2. Hi Rick, I know right? I am so tired of commuting for Thai food. It will happen in time, I am sure. I was just walking down 12th St. last night and noticed that there is work being done on the restaurant space between Pizza Kingdom and North East Tae Kwon Do. Last I heard it is supposed to be a Cuban restaurant, but that was a LONG time ago. Perhaps they are moving on it again. I will try to find out more. For now, I am hoping that if we keep Menomale packed, other investors will see that we are ready for more sit-down, high quality restaurants.

    1. Yep, last I heard it will be a Cuban restaurant called “Little Ricky’s…nice name huh : ) I understand it is supposed to open in late August/early September. Also, a new restuarant is supposed to open in the current Library space on 12th St. I can’t remember what kind of cuisine but when I read about it I recall it sounded promising. I’ll try to find the article about the Library space restaurant.

      The old gas station across from the Shell would be a great place for an ice cream parlor, charcuterie shop, cheese store…or something else yummy!

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