Congrats To Marc, Our Chancellor’s Row Buddy, As He Approaches The Finish Line!

This is part 5 of a story following Marc, a new Brookland resident, as his home at the EYA Chancellor’s Row development is being constructed.

Now that is one happy guy!
Now that is one happy guy!

For our previous installment, we checked in on Marc and the construction of his new home in early December, and at that time, a lot of design elements were starting to fall into place. Well, the big day will be upon him soon – he is going to closing this Wednesday! So we wanted to make sure we got to see the finished product. As if closing on a new home wasn’t enough stress, he also recently started a new job and closed on the sale of his condo. (Don’t worry though, he isn’t exactly homeless, he has been living with a friend in Brookland for a while, which has helped him get familiar with the area.) Lately, he has been spending time checking out Union Market and thinking about how he will furnish his new place. And of course, fending off all the questions about when there will be a housewarming party. The biggest changes since the last time we dropped by are a really nice, plush, carpeting that was installed in the home office, guest room, master bedroom and fourth floor. Also the protective coverings on the floors, kitchen counters and appliances were removed, so now we can really check them out. A lot of the finishing touches were installed, like landscaping, bathroom hardware, closet shelving, the washer/dryer and molding. Overall, we were really impressed with the quality of the craftsmanship and materials. One of my favorite features is the two-sided fireplace on the top floor, we gave it a test run and were surprised by how much heat it gave off. Marc’s choices for the carpet, cabinets, granite, and master bath, together convey a masculine, sleek, modern vibe. We will check in on Marc for the final installment of this series when he is all moved and settled in. Congrats Marc, you’ve come a long way , baby. The house looks great!

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  1. If I was in the market for a house, and wanted brand new, I would DEFINATELY buy in Chancellors Row! I love this neighborhood! Congrats to Marc, welcome to Brookland!!

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