Turkey Thicket Playground Overhual Update – Moving From Community Input To Concept Plans

Mayor Gray has launched the largest playground improvement project in DC history, named Play DC. Our very own Turkey Thicket Recreation Center has one of the playgrounds slated for an overhaul. We have posted earlier about surveys and meetings where Department of Parks and Recreation and the Department of General Services sought input from the community. Brooklanders definitely stepped up to the plate and gave tons of feed back. DPR is not collecting additional comments at this point, as they feel they got the input they needed from the community regarding concerns and desires for the renovation. Next, DPR will consult with playground experts to select appropriate equipment while staying true to the concept plan. The updated concept plans are posted below. Double click on the playground diagram to enlarge. The slide show contains the themes that will be utilized and sample playground equipment. There are still a lot of details to be worked out, for example, how the community garden will be managed. Many thanks to Debee Yamamoto of the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association for keeping the community up to speed on the renovation.

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8 thoughts on “Turkey Thicket Playground Overhual Update – Moving From Community Input To Concept Plans”

  1. This will be the 4th reincarnation I’ve seen since living in Brookland. This seems to use the space most fully. Also, when my kids were little, my oldest used to call the park, Porky Piggett. C’mon!

  2. They can’t finish this new playground fast enough, in my opinion! I wish the DC Gov would use some of its $400M surplus from 2012 to renovate the playground near Bethune (14th / Irving) as well. The rusting play structure there now is pretty dangerous.

    1. Hi Jen,

      This is at least the third time that I have heard that the playground at the Bethune school is not just bad, but actually dangerous. I would like to do a story about it, do you know who would have the most information about what is/isn’t being done about it?


  3. I wish I had more information on it myself! I learned at the school’s open house last spring that it is actually a public park, not part of the school, which is why it isn’t (can’t) be locked during school hours. The principal informed us that, although the playground is DC property, the school itself is trying to earmark some of its school renovation funds to fix it so that the school kids have somewhere safe to play. (I think those funds should be put into the buildings and educational materials instead. DC should take care of its own property.) The place really is in bad shape. Some of the structures are so badly rusted out that they are broken and very sharp. That is all the info I have. Maybe there is a Bethune parent out there who knows more?

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