Violent Assault In Brookland Thwarted By Catholic U Students

Fort Bunker Hill Park. Image Courtesy of Brookland Avenue Blog.

Ugh. More bad news on the crime front.  WJLA (Channel 7 News) is reporting a violent attack on a woman headed home from the Brookland Metro Friday night around 6:00 pm. The attack took place near 14th and Newton Streets NE. From the video posted on WJLA and the witnesses comments that  “he was beating her and pulling [her] up the hill'”, we assume that the suspect was attempting to drag the victim into Fort Bunker Hill Park. Luckily, two Catholic University students, Nina Curto and Kerstein Anderson heard the victim screaming for help and came to her aid. According to the WJLA report, the suspect,  a 22 year old man was arrested on the scene. Props to Nina and Kerstein! Glad to have you as neighbors.

3 thoughts on “Violent Assault In Brookland Thwarted By Catholic U Students”

    1. No problem Diane, and thanks for reading and commenting. It is sometimes difficult to decide when to post crime stories because, overall, crime is pretty low in Brookland compared to other parts of the city. But, stories like this drive home that we need to be ever vigilant.

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