Series Of Armed Robberies Strike The Brookland Area Since Christmas Eve

According to this news story by WJLA, (ABC News, Channel 7), there have been at least five armed robberies in the greater Brookland area since Christmas Eve. MPD believes the same two men are responsible for the robberies because in each case, the suspects used a shotgun to threaten their victims, two of which were walking home from the Brookland Metro. According to the police reports cited in the story:

“the victims include men and women of all different ages and races. The crimes took place at different times of the day. But in all five cases, the weapon was a shotgun. In one of the police reports, the victim told police the suspect “pulled (a) black shotgun from his pant leg…and racked the weapon…” Once at gunpoint, the suspects either told the victims “give me your stuff”, “give me everything cuz” or “gimme your stuff.””

Pretty shocking stuff. We will let you know when we become aware of any further details. Be careful out there folks!

4 thoughts on “Series Of Armed Robberies Strike The Brookland Area Since Christmas Eve”

    1. Hi Nick,
      No I haven’t. But, I will be attending the BNCA meeting tomorrow, and the ANC 5B meeting Wednesday. Representatives from MPD have been invited to both meetings to discuss the recent spike in crime. So, hopefully I will have something new report soon. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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