Membership Drive Time – Consider Joining The Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association

Brookland Neighborhood NE Washington DC
BNCA – FoRIA Neighbrhood Clean Up Event

When I first moved to Brookland I started attending Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association meetings. Soon, I found myself taking an active role as treasurer and helping out with the website. Though I am no longer an officer, I still try to keep up with the BNCA’s activities and attend meetings when I can. I have found my membership to be rewarding for multiple reasons – I have met a lot of  great neighbors, gotten involved in community events and stayed abreast of neighborhood developments, not bad for $10 a year! BNCA memberships are based on the calendar year, so now is the time to renew or begin your membership. You can find the membership form here.

From a BNCA announcement, here are some of their activities:
* Constructive and productive engagement in important neighborhood issues
* Community clean-ups and beautification
* The annual Great Brookland Yard Sale
* BNCA DC Statehood Committee
* Educational programs in celebration of Brookland’ s rich history
* Social events including picnics and potlucks
* Met Branch Trail bicycle rides for fun and fitness
* Crime updates with MPD Officers
* Protecting and improving Brookland’ s recreation center, parks, and green spaces
* Sharing news and information through their website and Twitter account (@BrooklandCivic)

The BNCA has identified areas it plans to get involved with in 2013, for example, the Noyes Field overhaul, improvements at Turkey Thicket playground, the Brookland Green, Fort Bunker Hill Park, the Met Branch Trail, improving neighborhood safety, and organizing fun and educational events.

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  1. Thanks, Brookland Bridge, for helping spread the word about our 2013 Membership Drive. BNCA depends on volunteer “people power” to get things done in the neighborhood. Please join us, today!

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