Get Those Christmas Trees Out To The Curb For Recycling/Composting!

If you are like us, your Christmas tree is looking pretty sad, crunchy and parched by now. The Department of Public Works will be picking up trees and wreaths and will repurpose them into compost until January 12. However, according to the DPW website, you should try to get the greenery out there by this Sunday, the 6th. Additional info from DPW:

  • Remove all ornaments
  • Place the greenery where you place your trash and recycling for collection, next to curb (treebox area) for collection
  • Do not put the trees in plastic or cloth bags

If you aren’t able to get your tree out by the 12th, it will be collected as regular garbage is, as space is available in trash trucks in the weeks following. If you are like us, and normally put your trash in an alley, not a tree box, I would go with the tree box in front of your house anyway. We have done that for 3 years and tree has always been picked up.

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